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Perfect in all ways

Words can’t be enough to describe this game Everything about it is amazing The atmosphere The sounds The way that kid reacts when he’s been chased The more u go further the more it gets darker

Amazing preview

The free demo was amazing, it’s immersive and intriguing and every puzzle is logical! There are very few puzzle games I review , even fewer that I actually like. The only other game I was this excited to play was Monument and if you liked that beautiful imagery you’ll love the dark details in this game. It’s completely worth it and I hope this becomes a console game.

Just everything is perfect

EVERY SINGLE THING IS PERFECT the grapichs are just 😍. The story is soo thrilling which makes it so fun! U need to make more apps! I rate it 100/100


Who ever made the game is completely dumb, it says it’s not compatible with my device then why let me download it in the first place like if it’s not gonna work on my phone it should tell me when I click on download, so don’t get me excited about a game and then not be able to play it Goodbye now 👋🏻

Bait and switch

Thank you for the “free” app that promptly leads to a purchase screen. If your app isn’t free then don’t list it as free.

I love the game

Dear playdead i love your game but sometimes it gets pretty laggy but I hope you can fix it but I still love your game


Originally played this on the Xbox One and was more than happy to repurchase and experience on mobile. Haunting and unforgettable. Highly recommend.

Most incredible graphics I’ve ever seen

I am in awe at how spectacular this game looks, even thou it’s quite dark and scary at a times, the soft graphics and light effects are amazing. Huge props to the devs and designers!!!!

Tried it once. Got the answer

I played the free version and I instantly wanted the full game. I love puzzle games. Most puzzle games are to easy, but this one gave me a fair challenge. I rate it 10/10. Wish they had a version for Xbox though.👍

Awesome graphics and game story.

I like those games. We want more.

Disappointed ☹️

i have an iPhone 6 plus and i downloaded the game and it said i was not capable on my device. im very disappointed in that. im still gonna rate it a 5 stars cuz it looks like a game i would love but i cant play it ☹️. pls developer make the game for iPhone 6 plus to i really wanted to play the game.

Unwanted download

I did not download this app and it showed up on my phone and iPod this am.

Amazing Game

To be honest, I only played the trial but it is definitely a game that I’d totally buy and play over and over. So beautiful!


Can’t even pause the game...$6.99 for this game is ridiculous


Someone plz help me I want to play this game. I have an iPhone 6 Plus. With the version 11.4.1. Every time I download the game it says not compatible with your device. Help?

Great game

Lacks a storyline

Amazing game!

This game was so creative and I had a blast playing it! All the effects, shadows, and sounds that were incorporated made the game such an amazing adventure. I’d love to see an Inside 2 come out and I would definitely buy it again. The addition could be called Outside, since the story ended outside of the lab. This is my favorite game ever and I totally recommend.

Just like limbo

$7 no way maybe I’d pay $3 or free with ads, limbo was great I wish they just made a dlc for it instead.


I have an iphone 5s and I download the game but when the download finished the game said (its not compatible with your device) so if its not write it at first not when the download finished


I would like a refund on this game I don’t like it and would like my money back

Not compatible

i have iphone 5s and i downloaded the app and after download u must tell me its not compatible with my device?😒

Nice graphics, horrible controls!

Just downloaded this again to figure out why I deleted it back then. Turns out the same thing I hated back then hasn’t changed, namely the frustrating controls. Best to download and try it out before buying. For me, I cannot stand them.

How can you not give this 5 stars??!!

I’m not sure how to describe this game other than visually amazing with a storyline that keeps you guessing. The further I got into the game the less I could put it down. I think I went at least 3 hrs straight playing near the end. The puzzles are also not that easy as you get further in the game. I got really stuck in a few places trying to figure out what to do. But eventually searching around was able to figure it out. Couldn’t recommend this enough!

Not compatible with my phone

I have an iPhone 5s because I broke my other phone and this is a temporary phone that I’m using and I deleted 8 apps to clear storage and waited hours for this thing to download, just to have the loading screen say.. “Inside isn’t compatible with your phone”.

A risk worth taking.

I will say this now, not many games have achieved what this one has in my eyes. No mobile game short of BADLAND has ever produced an environment so fascinating, so unique that I have seen before. I downloaded the free portion and let it sit for a long time, just today is it that I played that bit, and was driven to buy the rest. As an author, this game has tug of warred with my imagination, going from a minor amusement to a large focus. Following this child on his journey has been such a good time. I only wish in these games that there was a book to read, a movie to see that told of how the world came to be this way. Heck, I’d write one just to see where it goes. I don’t give many games five stars, but I wholeheartedly believe that, if any game deserves a good review, this one does. Bravo, Playdead. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more.

I wish

I wish that this game could be played on IPhone 6 Plus please make it available for IPhone 6 Plus

Best game

Best game ever but I wish it was free to play so I can see how it ends

Not compatible

Loved limbo, this game is labeled to work on my iPad Air 1st gen, waste of time downloading as it is not compatible with any of my devices. Would not recommend


I was amazed with how well the controls worked on mobile!


Lol why would you have someone download a free app then try to make them pay for it once they have it

Great game but...

For the price I paid, and really how fast the game goes, WHEN ARE WE GETTING MORE?


Seemed like a great game. Can’t get past wall in the first part and have to pay for it.


I’m kinda creeped out I didn’t download this and it’s on my phone???

Best Game I’ve Ever Played

This game is one of the best games I have ever played. This game is so worth the price. The only complain that I could make is that the ending was a little weird but still great.

Not compatible!?

I have the iPhone 6 (which I understand isn’t the newest by far) and upon further reading I notice it’s not compatible with the iPhone 6 but is with the 6s...what gives? I could download it, open it, and yet I get the “not compatible message but having played “Limbo” on my old 5s perfectly fine I don’t understand the reason this totally skipped 6 with a very similar game. UPDATE: the developer says it is compatible with this phone specifically in the details yet is not when downloaded...

Need support for iPad mini

Look don’t get me wrong this game seems very very very cool and I would love to play it but I can’t because it won’t support my iPad mini please support it!

Mobile Version Difficult to Control

Played this on iPad mini. There are no visible settings, pause, save options, or even controls. And swiping to jump was temperamental. So I’d suggest playing this on PC or console. The graphics and audio were amazing though, but the game itself was a bit macabre.

Not compatible

Doesn’t work for iPhone 6.

I love it! But...

I love how the movements of the person are so realistic, I love the little chicks following the kid around, and everything. But I was disappointed to see that I had to pay for the full game. The price isn’t too bad or anything, especially compared to “hello neighbor” where you had to pay $16 for the full game! I wish there was at least one more level that was free. Good job, though!!

Used to work on iPhone 6+ now it doesn’t

It just told me today that it isn’t compatible with my device. It used to work. I used to play this game. Not cool! You broke my game.

Amazing bud bad ending.

I love this game. It was fun, challenging, and interesting. The only part I didn’t like was the ending. There is no back story to this game. At the end I would like to know why the character is running from all these people. But it just ends suddenly with no real ending.

Nice but...

This game is cool. Good graphics and overall good story line. Only thing I have to complain about in my perspective is that it’s pretty disturbing.


It’s amazing. Graphics are legit as well. Love this game.

A masterpiece

I was so in love with LIMBO as soon as I tried it. Played it over and over again. This game did not disappoint me. It was an absolute masterpiece and was so much fun to play. Can definitely see myself replaying over and over again!

You won’t be able to play just once...!

I was immediately drawn into this dreary and desolate game from the opening screen. It took some getting used to, but that adds to the gameplay. There is no way you can play this game just once, because each time you begin again, you are sure to notice some new detail. I highly recommend, and I can’t wait to see what game these makers think of next!

Can’t Play

I really wish it was compatible with the iPhone 6, or ALL Apple products for that matter. My friend had the game, (she had an iPhone SE) and I really liked it and wanted to download it. So when I did, I opened it and was really upset by what I saw. Which was a screen that said that the game is not compatible with my device. It’s a really good game when you can actually play it. I would recommend this if you have a compatible device.


This game is amazing just like the one you can get on the ps4! I personally like the ps4 version better but I highly recommend this game!

Not compatible?

I have an iPhone 6s, said it is compatible with that device, which that’s what I have, but downloaded the game and said it wasn’t compatible. Man was looking forward to this game... should of worked.. I’ll give 4 stars just because by the look of it’s a very beautiful eerie game with a underlying storyline, hopefully I’ll be able to play this in the future.

All I ever wanted

I love it

Great game

Took me for a few twist and turns really check out the free part. If you that doesn’t hook then this game isn’t for you. I really liked the puzzle and being drawn into the story. This is such a great game.

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