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This story is one of the best stories that I have ever played and that the $7 you have to pay for the full game is worth it all. You get to experience all of the horrors of this adventure and its dystopian world and society. You guys should make a second one and you should play as a different person and show how the world fell into that way of society, wether it was because of over population on Earth, Disease, or war. You should make a second part of the game at first showing life being normal and then you get to experience the downfall of society. I suggest that you play as a different person, maybe a girl or you could play as the same boy and show how he got to the woods in the beginning of this game. This is just a suggestion but I beg you to make a second one and that it should still be in this world.

Haunting, Amazing, Mesmerizing!!!

It’s been so long since I’ve played a game of this caliber. One of the best, NO, THE best out there. Would pay for it again. Worth every cent. Went to sleep playing it, dreamt about playing it, then woke up wanting to play it. Just a fantastic game. I’ll watch for a lot more from these developers.


This dystopian nightmare of a game is simply brilliant. The consequences to the character are severe, to say the least, if you make a bad move, which you'll do. Makes my heart pump. The mechanics are very good. The intent of your movement on screen is well understood, so no repetitive jumps to do over and over due to slightly miss placed finger movement. It's amazing looking and sounding! Lastly , for the people who are leaving reviews in spite of having an incompatible device can't "review" a game you can't play.


I think it’s just unfair that it only works on 6s I think it should work on all phone if it’s only going to work on 6s you mine as well make it cost cause everybody don’t have iPhone 6s like I got a iPhone 6+ so mine should work it’s a higher phone I spent all day waiting for this to down load it’s going to say 🙄I’m sorry inside is not compatible with this phone 😭🙄 like that just irritated me I been Watch by videos cause I was so excited to play cause it look so fun and seemed so fun but now I can’t play I mean I deleted app to get this game like that don’t make no sense it’s actually stupid cause that not fair why do game got to work on a pacific phone ? Why it can’t work on all phone 🤔 I’ll wait...... but imma give it a 1 cause I can’t get it on my phone when I should be able too it’s just dumb my phone is better then a 6s so I aloud be able to get it *1.

Like it!

It’s a lot like little nightmares!

Demo is cool, but $7???

If the price is dropped reasonably I will consider purchasing.

Awesome well worth the money

Started and couldn’t put it down played it thru till the end beautiful work guys well worth the money

Brought Limbo Justice

So I played the demo and instead of buying it on mobile I got it on my PS4. If your looking for any puzzle horror games, I’d definitely recommend this one. You took Limbo (great game by the way) and brought it justice. It’s has a beautiful little storyline and it reminds me of Little Nightmares in a way. Keep up this great work ^-^

Awsome game!!!

Enjoyed every stage, stands out from all the other games in appstore.

Very weak

I lost 1 gig my internet.why installed If not computable to my device

A piece of art .......

The background is incredible and the animation is outstanding I hope they keep making games similar to inside so we can have even more fun !!! But I do wish the demo would go a little farther so I can get even more in love with the game !

Amazing game

I played the trail , and loved it . Purchased it. Played it . Simple controls, great ideas, best work ever . To the game developers: this is the first game I bought in App Store . Which means you guys are wonderful.


I looooved Limbo and I looooved this. So beautiful and creepy at the same time. I need more of these types of games. Superb job to the creators. Love you guys! Keep up the great work.


I’ve played through three times and absolutely love it. Hope they have another one coming out soon. It's challenging even your second or third time through.


Pretty neat The dogs are muy muy muy no bueno (Cancer)


I got the game and I was so exited I saw a similar game to it and that game was amazing and when I get it all the sudden this pops up this game is not compatible with your device😑👎🏻


Was extremely excited to play this game, but once I opened it up, it said “we are sorry, INSIDE is not compatible with this device.” Why even allow me to download it in the first place? Ridiculous.

Compatibility Issues

If you have older than iPhone 6S it won’t work for your device

iPhone 6

Make it for iPhone 6

Stupid guys

i installed and started but after that it said “not available” on my phone, my phone iphone 7 plus. So WHY DO YOU STILL LET ME DOWNLOAD IT? Gj guys


I could never get past the part when the dogs are chasing you through the pond and you have to escape them and jump over a cliff😕😕

Why not iPhone 6

Why can’t you put it for the iPhone 6 I was happy to get it but now I’m up set

Can I play on a 6plus

Please awnser


So I just downloaded this game, and it didn’t work because it saying that my device(iPhone 6) is not compatible, and why is that?


This was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. This game is easily in my top 10 favorite video games of all-time. This is a masterpiece.


This game is 50% very fun and 50% very stupid.

The best of the best

Inside and Limbo are the 2 of the best games I’ve ever downloaded on iPhone... I’m glad Inside’s game duration was a bit longer than Limbo but I still wish the games would last longer, but that’s only because i love them so much. Visual eye candy meets problem solving. It’s everything I like in a game.

Worst free preview ever.

No instructions (I’m cool w that. Ok trying to figure it out) but this is ridiculous. Right left and hide/jump. Oh boy. And dark. Oh boy. NO instructions at all and basically one huge dead end. I’m not bad at figuring things out (huge Myst fan long ago) but this made me want to chuck my iPad against the wall.


Graphics were amazing but you can barely move your character? You have to swipe to run. Which means dogs and the killer people are faster than you and if you slow down one bit your dead. Seriously? I was expecting more.

LOVE game but couldn’t use it🤷🏼‍♀️😢😢

We got the small beginning point for our Apple TV but decided not to buy it on the tv. My parents let me download it on my iPad and I waited for a SUPER long time before it downloaded. Not really that long, I was just looking forward to the app. But, of course, when it downloaded there was a screen that said not compatible with your device. I was soooo disappointed 😞. That’s why I gave it two stars. I didn’t get the experience, but I know that it’s and amazing game with wonderful graphics and difficult puzzles.


I want to try it but it crashes every time I get a minute or so into the game!


I think the games fun, it’s very adventurous with lots of things to find. Is does require some patience and thinking. My only complaint is I wish it was longer or they add more because I finished the game in a day and half.


It says that I can play the game on an iPad Air+ but I have an iPad mini 3 and it says it’s not compatible.. why?

Fricken awesome

Got instantly hooked. All around great game, addictive, however it was just a tincy bit short for me😎

It’s an incredible game, but needs some adjustments

It’s a great and beautiful game, the graphics and everything is perfect. But, at the beginning where you get chased down, you should add a thumb stick and a jump button perhaps because it’s super difficult to jump and move so it is difficult to run away. I understand that I can adjust how I move but it’s still difficult. And I also understand that you want to keep it beautiful yet difficult, my review has nothing against that.

Should have made it compatible for more Versions of iPhones 😫

Make it so we can play it on iPhone 5 ! Yes I know it is old .

Visual Masterpiece

I was really impressed with how visually awesome this game is. It’s dark, creepy, and has a number of wow moments. It felt like I was watching a movie and was a lot of fun. 4 stars instead of 5 due to: 1 - puzzles could have been a tad harder 2 - story line a little longer 3 - $7 is a bit high; $5 would have felt better Overall, buy it. Its cool

Great game, Too short

Great game, but it’s wayyyyyy too short. I only played it for a couple of evenings, and it was over. 😞

Seriously So Impressed

I'm not pretty dang picky with games but this game has challenging yet simple puzzles to keep me interested. I love how if you get stick you know you've just got to keep trying because there's nothing you've forgot or anything like that. It's continuously intriguing and it definitely has some dark themes. If you've got a dark side like me this game is perfect!!! Like the others said worth every penny.

This game is absolutely FABULOUS!

I came across the preview of this spectacularly crafted game on a Facebook sponsored add, and had to see what all the fuss was about. I played the first episode and QUICKLY (rather instantly) in Love. It was dark, surreal and had a sort of beauty that was unexpected and delightful. I’m not one to pay for anything, but immediately paid for the entire game. I played through until it was over, which took about two nights of play. Trust me, that was no easy task. It’s a game of wits and has a thoughtfulness that really surprised me. I highly recommend it, as well as the game Limbo (inspired by the same creators of Inside). You’ll be pleasantly surprised by it!

Love it but...

I really enjoy playing this game I play the demo over and over again cuz it’s so fun. But unfortunately all demo’s on mobile get to a certain point where you have to pay. I put my iPhone 6s to where I can’t purchase anything and I forgot the password. And besides I’m only 12 I don’t have money or s card to pay with. The game is really fun to play but I wish the whole game was free 😊🤔😔

Fun but overpriced

Great game. Puzzles were awesome and graphics complimented the feel well. Not worth $7 tho. Way too short for that price tag.

Very addictive game. When will there be more??

Very addictive. Loved paying it and figuring out the puzzles. Sad is over

Why it’s not compatible with my device? “iPhone 6”

After I downloaded it that text showed up on App Store page it tells me that it’s compatible Edit: thanks for the response really appreciate it I understand why now.. I washed that I could play it 🙁 It’s amazing ❤️


I love this game it’s the most amazing game I played it just keep going and make more and more of these amazing games


I download this game on my phone and what do I get? It says on the App Store that is compatible with my device, but when I open the app it says that it won’t work on my type of phone. I tried downloading it again but it won’t work.

Woooowww amazing!!!!

I barely play games on my mobile device. So I was randomly was scrolling through the game section of the app market and came across this gem. To be honest there aren’t words to describe how beautiful and amazing the graphics are. And the fact it’s a mind puzzle that constantly has you guessing it’s beyond your mind’s fabrication. Just download it I plan on buying the full game soon.

BRUH lol

Best game I have ever played on the mobile it’s been a while sense an actual good game came by. I truly love this game you guys need to make another one or another part it was worth the money too Incase anyone was wondering awesome game

What the hell did I just play?

The gameplay is pretty linear but it fits the simple controls. A narrative builds throughout the game but takes twists that keep you guessing. Then it just gets weird as hell. All in all very enjoyable.

So fun!

I have now beat this game 3 times. It’s very fun. I have also played Limbo. Which is also very fun. I can’t wait until this company comes out with another game. I check every couple months just to see. I don’t care about the meaning of the game, it’s just fun to play and I’m happy I downloaded and bought the full version. Very entertaining. Good job!

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