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Does Not Work

It says it was compatible with my iPad and when I ran it I get a notice saying not compatible with this device what the hell?

Controls for phone are shoddy at best.

Keeping the kid running in some parts is freaking impossible. He just keeps stopping no matter what I do, and I have to swipe the command again if I want him to run after he jumps. Not a good mechanic for phone controls at all.


Sorry...i kinda left a bad response earlier....but...idk..after reading your response to my review i dont see the game that bad now...thank you. Again sorry...i was kinda mean... I guess maybe i just got interrupted with my love of animals😂 but thats okay i just have to think (ITS ONLY A GAME DONT WORRY) and then its fine! So i will download the game again and see what the rest is like😁 Please respond so i know you forgive me for being mean😕 Again i feel pretty ashamed of myself for leaving the review i left a while ago...sorry But i hope that i can make it up to you by leaving THIS review. I love the app and i love how the graphics look so smooth and the game is mysterious and amazing! I really hope i can get the full version soon...but until then i’ll keep playing this🤗

"We are sorry INSIDE is not compatible with your device"

Are you kidding me! Under "Compatibility" on this app, it says "it works on this iPhone". After waiting the game is finally installed, only to see "We are sorry INSIDE is not compatible with your device." Please fix it!

Probably the best iPhone game I ever played

Incredible game. Can’t wait for part 2.

Not compatible

It says that it’s compatible with my device but when I launch the app it says it’s not can somebody please tell me why

Great game so far

Almost impossible to play outside during the day. Game is so dark and no option to brighten the screen. Aside from that it is a pretty good game.

Not a good fit for Apple TV

The remote surface area is too small. This was very frustrating and ultimately lead to my boredom.

Great Game but worst ending

The game is fun and almost worth the price for those who like puzzle games. The story is ok, nothing very exciting but a simple idea of a kid who is trying to escape being caught. The ending is blah as the game just ends without any conclusion or anything to explain what is going on. Overall an ok game but overpriced. I would say it is worth 2.99 and no more than 3.99 as I have played much better similar games for 2.99 or less and not 6.99. Based on my review the developer contacted me stating the price reflects the time and effort put into making the game, which is a good point but from a consumer end point, the question remains whether the game is worth 6.99 and my answer is unfortunately no as I had stated that comparable games are sold for much less. As consumers we want to support developers especially good ones and passionate ones but at the end of the day, the price of the game should reflect the quality and experience during a game and not the salaries of developers.

Wanted to play but keeps crashing

I can’t even get 5mins into the game without it crashing🤷🏾‍♀️


Very blurry on iPad Air 2 almost unwatchable!

Doesn’t work

When I looked to see if it was compatible with the iPad it said it was but when I downloaded it the game said it wasn’t compatible with my device. If this is a bug please fix it🤔🤔

Not compatible

I really was looking forward to this. My issue isn’t about the game. In the section of compatibility my iPad is listed (iPad mini 2), but when I try to open the game. It says it’s not compatible. Just don’t get it. The iOS is current. If this is anything like Limbo, I would’ve been extremely happy. Anyway. Thanks Thanks for the response after I did further research I found out the reasons why it didn’t work. My lose. Well I wish you all continued success and look forward to your next game.


It dont work on my iphone 6


This is a game that you can play over and over! Not to mention that it’s visually very beautiful


Worst game ever don’t buy

iPad issue

It clearly states under the app offers “iPad” yet when I try to open it, the game says “not compatible for your device.” I don’t see what the issue is here.

A bit disturbing

The graphics on this game were nice and it was easy to control. BUT, just be aware it may be a little disturbing to some players. It was difficult to watch a little boy get attacked and killed by a dog. Watching the dog shake the boy like a rag doll until his body was limp, kind of got to me. I understand the mystery of the game but I was shocked, especially if you don’t get through the scene correctly the first time and you have to watch this boy get killed over and over again. I had to stop playing the game. I don’t want to be overtly negative about this game, I just want people to be aware of some of the disturbing aspects of it.

Compatible with iPhone 6

Please make it compatible with iPhone 6 because there are many people want to download it so please do it About the game it is wonderful and has good graphics keep it up


I have thought I had finally gotten a software update that would let me play Inside but nope. I am on iPhone 6S+

Beautiful game!!

I have the 8plus and the graphics are just amazing on this phone (not just for this game but In general) I used to have a 5 and the graphics weren’t as good as this phone. But if you have a 6plus and over GET THIS GAME RN! THE GRAPHICS ARE BEAUTIFUL!


I have an IPad mini 2 and I can’t get it to work. Am I doing something wrong? I gave it a 5 Star though because the game looks amazing, and I watched it on youtube

Fantastically different

Another great game with beautiful graphics that enhance the game play. Intriguingly bizarre as it evolves and completely unexplainable at times. Like Limbo before it, I appreciated the clean design style and well thought out puzzles. For me, the ending took away from it though... I didn’t even realize it was the end until the credits rolled a couple minutes into it. It would have been better served by a giant Monty Python style hammer squashing everything in the end. The ending was weak for a paid for game, everything else about it shined!

Plzzzzz,READ!!!!!!! 😁😁😁

This game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! So, you may be wondering why I only gave it 4 stars 🌟 the only reason I gave it 4 stars was because in the game, we can’t run that fast as the bad guys do or whatever they’re called. The rest is great! It’s really tough sometimes to escape the bad guys, but that’s good! It makes you think ALOT and that helps you. But really it’s SOOO THOUGH!!!!!! Anyway thank u for the game!!! Bye!!! 😊

I hate this game


I really wouldn’t know

It says this game is compatible with iPhone 6 and up but it doesn’t seem to work on my iPhone 6 and says that it isn’t compatible.

Leaving older iPads behind...

While the concept was intriguing and the graphics stunning it’s a shame it’s not compatible with the original iPad Air. I was excited to play it and buy-in as I traveled along. Keep my money, I guess. Sad UPDATE: Works and plays well on my Gen1 iPad Pro 128GB. Thanks for your response and assistance.

Beyond happiness to finish it within a day 🖤

Amazing game everything about it took me to a different world and be in a totally above the reality for another way of imagination 🖤 , Recommended ..

Playing with controller on apple tv is AWESOME

This game is the best app made in years. And thanks for the TV & Controller support.

Great game, wish they didn’t have IAP

They make the game for free to download and make you buy it in an in app purchase. This way it won’t work with family sharing. I understand that they want people to be able to try it out before buying it, but why can’t they just make two games? One for free to try then one to buy. Limbo was great and so is this one. I’ll buy the next game they put out too. I just don’t like them putting the game as an IAP.

Not Compatible?!

I spent almost an hour waiting for the game to download... once it finished downloading i opened to only get a message saying it’s not compatible with my device! Do they not know they can tell Apple what devices they accept to only allow people with those devices to download the app, just like they do with ARKit! Gawd, it’s a shame too, the game looks pretty neat. Oh well. Reply To Dev: Oh that makes sense. Thank you for clearing it up for me, Emil. As it isn’t the devs fault as I initially thought, I’ll be raising my star ratings a level higher, probably doesn’t count much but seeing as I currently cannot play the game it’s the best I could do. I have also tried searching for INSIDE on the Mac App Store but no results. I did however find your other game, “LIMBO”, I’ll be giving this one a try seeing as how it is aesthetically similar to “INSIDE”. Thank you for the reply. Kind Regards, Mawesome

ItOUCH 6 compatibility needed - but apple won’t make new itouch

APPLES FAULT FOR NOT RELEASING MORE POWERFUL ITOUCH AND ALSO FORCING DEVS TO LIST DEVICES AS ‘compatible’ when they really aren’t. I seriously hate you, apple. Will never buy an iPhone. This is partially your fault Apple....why don’t you release a newer version of the itouch? Of course games are going to get better in terms of quality, and some of us who own itouch 6 have no other choice because your company refuses to update the itouch....well guess what? I’ll NEVER buy an iPhone so you will lose out on customers there..I own the new iPad Pro and will buy new iPad pros, but I ALSO want something that fits in my pocket that can play music, movies and GAMES...and as I said, you’ll never force me to buy an if Devs stop developing for itouch 6 then your going to lose a lot of customers and it’ll be your own fault.

“We’re sorry, your device is not compatible with this game”

I am on a iPod 6. From the look of this game, it looks amazing. But at wish I could at least play it. (This game also looks like Little Nightmare) I like it.. but please optimize this type of device so I can play this amazing game, and maybe a 5 star rating. Thanks -Device User RE: Thanks for your response. I am glad to know it won’t work. Thanks.

Inconsistent info

I have an iPhone 6s with current software which it says is supported. It won’t launch saying it is incompatible with my device. Edit: my fault. I have a 6plus. Not 6sPlus. I will edit again once I update and can try the game.


What a waste, artwork is beautiful but well that is all I can say about that. The game play is fluid and easy to figure out. The puzzles are a challenge. The reason it is a waste is because the game is actually short. Their needs to be some more length to it. The ending is appalling, there needs to be a way to make the ending better. I will not spoil it for who really like the game and play. There needs to be a better way to defend yourself as well, I understand the concept but a way to defend yourself would be amazing, the game is written so you are seen in a few of the levels so write a defense for it.


I thought the game would be more like the demo. With that suspenseful feeling. It was just little puzzles here and there. I’d like a refund 😊 or atleast add more creative levels please I was jk about the refund. It just had me lost like infinity war! It left me wanting more.

Not working

So I wanted to play INSIDE but when I open up the game it says “INSIDE is not compatible with this device” but I’m run iOS 11.2.2 on my 6s plus so what’s going on I’ve deleted the game and got it back but it still says it I’ve restarted my phone still does it so what’s going on plz help me out. Edit... well I found out that I have a IPhone 6Plus I’m pretty sure that’s the problem I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Doesn’t work

In the App Store it says it’s compatible with my iPad. When I download it and start the game it says it’s not compatible with my iPad. Hmmmm Edit : ipad air

I got my hands on an iPhone 7

And I absolutely cannot put it down it’s just an amazing story with stunning graphics and a wide variety of puzzles to solve its so fun to play and interesting as well so I changed my rating to 5stars * * * * * hope more games come out like this because I would buy them in a heartbeat


It sucked. I accidentally hit the button to buy the full game and confirmed it before I even hit anything. Tried to contact them and looked everywhere and nothing worked

Wish I could play.......

Make compatible for more devices and I’ll bring my rating up depending on the gameplay please make compatible for more devices 🙏. Thank you for replying I really appreciate you trying to help have a good day

Too hard

It’s too hard and I’m doing this one level right and it just killed me...


This game brings back the phrayse takes a village to rase a child Or how the sanity deep in the mans mind can bring a world together or rip it apart love it make more

Non compatible

I waited for 30 minutes for this game to install maybe just me but I think that it should not let u download the game in the first place if it’s just going to be non compatible.

Compatible for iPhone 5s, C

Hello, I downloaded the game without looking at the description but can you guys make this compatible for iPhone 5s at least.

this game is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

so I didn’t get the full game yet but I love the first few parts little chicks 🐥 and stuff like that but the water dog part was fun but it was night time when I got past is and that running part was very fun and hard is some cases but who cares I love the game

What’s the point

The game is Made well. I didn’t run into any glitches so🙏🙏🙏on the developers part. But what’s the point of moving forward I lost the sense of wonder halfway through the game It just didn’t grip me like the first part of it did it just stopped getting interesting and then all of A sudden these people are gathering around this thing to see what’s going on ANNNNNNND a blob thats it.... that’s what they were working on. I probably would have not bought this game if I knew it would have ended so stupidly no offense but I probably will not recommend this to anyone else🙁🙁🙁🙁 neat concept though


When I first saw the game on the App Store, I was hooked just by looking at the graphics of the game. Once I watched the video about the game in the App Store ... which is kind of like a summary of the game I guess.... I was completely stunned again on the graphics. When I stated playing it, the setting and the colors and the sound effects in the background they chose were absolutely perfect and matched with the idea of the game. Even though I didn’t buy the full version of this game I still really enjoyed it and will keep playing the same parts😂. But the only minor problem with this is I don’t understand the story of this game. When it starts out, you fall down this cliff and you are running from these people without faces? Maybe that’s just because I’m as slow as the day comes but it was still a very good experience. I’m sure if I bought the whole game, which soon I will, I’d understand the meaning of the story.

Looks fun but...

It looks like a fun game but it needs to be compatible for ALL electronics because I just downloaded the game and it was not compatible! And I was really looking forward to this game. 😭😭😭😥😥😥

App for ipod

Can you please make the app for iPods please

  • send link to app